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My professional background has sharpened my curiosity, developed my mental alertness and  my sense of detail. I never leave anything to chance in an event organization. Even more, during my last hotel stopover in Geneva, Switzerland,  I discovered that “ no request is too big, no detail is too small ”. Everything is possible, well almost everything!

My passion for organizing, planning and creating links with quality service providers gave me ambition. And then, I was entrusted with the organization of a French wedding in Estoril, Portugal , in 2017. An event dear to my heart. Venue search, Portuguese caterer, translation of wedding meal menus, religious ceremony at the Estoril church, French and Portuguese administrative procedures, etc. My work with the newlyweds allowed the realization of a unique wedding. There were tears of joy and a lot of sharing. The wedding was perfect, the couple happy...  It became crystal clear. An evidence.

Then I decided to change course, to fly on my own, settling first in Aix-en-Provence, then between Geneva and La Ciotat. I followed a certified Wedding Planner training at the Jaelys School and I created The Cotton Days.  

I live  currently between Geneva in Switzerland and La Ciotat in the south of France.



This is the number of marriages that were celebrated in 2018.

In 2020, despite the health crisis,

148,000 couples had the chance to say YES to each other!”

Enjoy, Share & Love


I was born in Belgium and originally from Estoril, not far from Lisbon in Portugal. Before being Wedding Planner,  I worked for more than 15 years in the luxury hotel industry around the world. This experience gave me the opportunity to travel a lot and learn several languages. So, in addition to French, I speak fluently: English, Portuguese and Spanish.

This allows me not only to help binational brides and grooms celebrate their union, but also to plan a unique wedding abroad. Since I was 17, I have come to know and lived in many cities around the world such as Brussels, London, Barcelona, Geneva, ...


Today, I'm planning your wedding. For a stress-free big day, delighted guests, unforgettable weddings. Here in Provence, over there in Portugal. Or elsewhere abroad.

You now know my story. Tell me yours.

The sharing, the  sincerity  and kindness are an integral part of my job. I accompany you before, during and after in one of the most beautiful days of your life and  helps you achieve the wedding of your dreams.

"Yes, people still believe in love, fidelity, patience and the ultimate union of two beings who love each other." 

  “And, in the middle of all those thousands of weddings that take place every year: there is your wedding. Your union, your wedding dress, your vows, your guests.

Your love." 

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