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Between the undersigned



Madam [YOUR NAME AND FIRST NAME], acting as manager in the name and on behalf of the agency [NAME OF YOUR AGENCY], whose head office is established at [YOUR ADDRESS], and registered with the RCS of the city of [TA VILLE] under the Siret number [TON SIRET].


Hereinafter referred to as "the Agency"










Hereinafter referred to as "the Bride and Groom"

On the other hand





The agency [YOUR NAME OF AGENCY] is specialized in the organization of weddings. It assumes, on the occasion of the preparation and organization of the wedding reception, in the name and on behalf of the bride and groom, the services whose execution is entrusted to it.


The newlyweds have decided to use the agency's services to organize their wedding reception which will take place on [DATE OF WEDDING].  



It was then agreed and decided as follows:





  1. Terms of application


These general conditions apply to all services provided by the agency. They are sent to the bride and groom following the acceptance (verbal or written) of the quote(s) previously sent. Any acceptance of the estimate(s) implies full and unreserved acceptance by the bride and groom of these general conditions to the exclusion of any other document.  


  1. Estimate


Any intervention by the Agency is necessarily the subject of a detailed and personalized estimate delivered or sent (fax, e-mail and/or simple letter) to the client. This estimate includes the designation and type of service determined from the request expressed by the customer as well as the terms and costs relating thereto. After acceptance and signature, the estimate acts as a contract.


  1. Mandate and reservation of the service


The bride and groom give the Agency a mandate to assist them in the preparation and organization of their wedding reception in the areas covered by the quote(s) and described below in paragraph 5. .  


The reservation of the service is made exclusively by the bride and groom with the Agency by the delivery of the quote duly accepted and signed.  


  1. Obligations and commitment of the bride and groom


The newlyweds undertake to respond as soon as possible to all requests from the Agency (calls, emails, SMS, etc.). They must specifically take part in the meetings (meetings, Skype conferences) organized by the Agency and communicate to it in good time any information, any document or any other element necessary or simply useful for the performance of its mission.


The newlyweds undertake not to intervene directly before, during and after the event, with suppliers, subcontractors, artists, staff and collaborators of the Agency.  


The newlyweds also authorize the Agency to use freely and free of charge the photos and videos of their wedding on all private or public media for a period of 10 (ten) years.  


These photos and videos will be submitted to the agency within a maximum of 1 (one) month following their receipt by the bride and groom.  


  1. Obligations of the Agency - Services


The bride and groom have requested the agency for the services described below.  


  1.   Organization from A to Z


The Agency, within the framework of the mandate entrusted to it, must in the name and on behalf of the bride and groom:

  • Accompany and advise the bride and groom on the best way to organize their wedding in accordance with their wishes and constraints

  • Look for service providers representing the best professional qualities and present them to the bride and groom for approval

  • Assume the coordination of relations between the selected service providers and the bride and groom

  • Design and carry out the decoration of the wedding in accordance with the wishes and constraints of your bride and groom

  • Assume control of the execution of the services until completion or completion

  • Establish a D-Day schedule and be present on D-Day to ensure the smooth running of the reception


To these effects,  


The Agency will present, as soon as possible, the selected service providers to the bride and groom who will decide alone whether to retain them or not.


The bride and groom will sign directly with each service provider the quotes and contracts that the latter have established.  


The Agency's mission will end only after completion of the mission of each of the service providers.  


It is specified here that the Agency will in no way be responsible for the failure of a service provider even if it has been presented by it, since the obligations resulting for the Agency from the execution of these conditions are only obligations of means and not of result.


  1. Financial conditions


The Agency will receive, in remuneration for its service, a flat rate that it will have determined itself.  


To be taken into account any reservation must be accompanied by the payment of a first installment occurring on the date of signature of the contract. This first deposit amounts to 30% (thirty percent) of the total price of the service. In this case, this deposit amounts to …,..€.  


The reservation is acquired after receipt and effective collection of the first deposit. 

The payment of the rest of the amount due will be made according to the following deadlines:

  • X monthly payments of …,..€ paid on the 1st day of each month and the last of which will be paid no later than 1 week before D-Day.  


The detailed payment schedule is provided in Annex 2.  


The balance of the service is to be paid no later than one week before the wedding. If it turns out that the Agency has still not received its pay the day before the wedding, it would not be required to carry out the mission entrusted to it (D-Day Coordination, Installation, etc.).  


Any late payment will result in late payment penalties payable without reminder. A fixed increase of €40 will be applied in addition to an increase of 10% of the amount of the total invoice.  



  1. Additional costs


  1.   Travelling expenses


The agency will receive, in addition to its remuneration, compensation for each trip it makes during its mission on behalf of the bride and groom. This indemnity compensates her for the costs incurred as well as the time spent on the said trip.  


The travel allowance will be calculated as follows: €0.60 per kilometer to which any toll charges will be added.  


Travel expenses will be recalculated within 15 (fifteen) days following the event, in view of the trips made throughout the duration of the Agency's mandate. They will then be the subject of an invoice which must be paid no later than 15 (fifteen) days after receipt of the latter.  


  1.   Mouth fresh


During its term of office, the Agency may be required to travel for an entire day, which will entail additional food costs. These costs will be fully borne by the bride and groom in the form of reimbursement upon presentation of proof (invoice, receipt).  


The Agency, as part of its mission and within the limits of its availability, will accompany the bride and groom to the various test meals organized as part of the search for a caterer. The cost of these meals remains entirely the responsibility of the bride and groom.  


The bride and groom undertake to provide the Agency and its team (minimum 2 people) with a hot meal, served on a plate, indoors for the wedding evening.  








  1.   Accommodation costs  


If the place of reception is located more than 50km from the Agency's headquarters, the bride and groom agree to cover the Agency's accommodation costs (minimum 2 people) for the wedding evening. This can be on-site accommodation if the venue has it. Otherwise, the Agency will take care of reserving appropriate accommodation near the venue.  


  1. Exchanges, proofs and notifications


By express agreement between the parties, exchanges between them may take place in particular by e-mail at the following e-mail addresses:




The parties agree that the printing of an electronic message from the messaging software makes it possible to validly prove the content of the exchanges.


The parties also agree that any screenshot of an SMS, What'sApp, Facebook Messenger or any other messaging service can validly prove the content of the exchanges.


  1. Cancellation or postponement of marriage


In the event of effective cancellation of the marriage, separation of the bride and groom or postponement of the wedding date, the Agency must be notified by the bride and groom without delay and by email or registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.  


In the event of a simple postponement of the wedding date, the Agency cannot be required to perform its service if it turns out that its services have already been requested by other clients.  


In the event of cancellation, all sums paid as a deposit or due on the date of cancellation by the bride and groom will remain acquired by the Agency as compensation for the services provided or simply begun.


If the bride and groom have chosen the D-Day Coordination option, this cannot be canceled afterwards. In the event that the bride and groom choose not to benefit from it, they must inform the Agency by email or registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. D-Day Coordination remains due in full.

  1. Responsibility


The bride and groom are responsible for any damage, direct or indirect, that they themselves or the participants may cause during the reception. The bride and groom declare and guarantee that they have full legal capacity allowing them to commit to the contract and that they hold valid civil liability insurance.  


The agency declines all responsibility for damage of any kind whatsoever (theft, damage, etc.) affecting property of any kind (personal effects, materials, etc.) brought by the bride and groom or belonging to the participants, regardless of or the place where the goods are stored (car park, lounges, etc.).  


As such, the bride and groom undertake to waive and to have their insurers and/or any guest waive any recourse against the Agency in the event of the occurrence of one of the aforementioned events.  


In addition, the Agency will be released from any obligation to be present in the event that an event of force majeure or fortuitous event occurs (strike, fire, water damage, traffic accident, etc.) and therefore prevents it from get there.  


  1. Termination of contract and right of withdrawal


This mandate can only be terminated before its term if one or other of the parties fails to fulfill its obligations, and ten days after an unsuccessful formal notice sent by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt.


In the event of termination of the contract by the client without cancellation of the marriage, the sums already collected by the Agency and those to be collected on the date of termination of the contract shall remain acquired by the Agency.  


In accordance with the regulations in force, the bride and groom have a right of withdrawal without having to justify reasons or pay penalties. If they wish to exercise this right, they must inform the Agency by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt within 14 (fourteen) days of signing the contract, using the withdrawal form provided in Appendix 1. The sums then paid to the Agency as a deposit will be paid in full to the bride and groom.  


  1. Complaints and Disputes


Any dispute or complaint can only be taken into consideration if it is formulated by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt sent to the Agency within a maximum period of 8 (eight) days after the end of the event. In the event of a dispute relating to the validity and/or the interpretation and/or the validation of the contract, it will be submitted to the competent courts of the city where the registered office of the Agency is located.  

  1. Signatures of both parties


This contract is drawn up in two original copies. 

Made in 



Signatures of the bride and groom preceded by the words "Read and approved"








Signature of the Agency [YOUR AGENCY NAME] represented by [YOUR SURNAME AND FIRST NAME]




Annex 1: Withdrawal form



For the attention of [YOUR SURNAME AND FIRST NAME], representing the Agency [NAME OF AGENCY] whose head office is established at [YOUR ADDRESS].


We hereby notify you of our withdrawal from the contract for the provision of services below:  


Contract signed on:  


Names and surnames of customers:  


Customer address:  






Date and signatures of clients: 

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