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and if we shared a part of the way?

Dreamer , traveler, joie de vivre, curious, and above all romantic,  my heart swung to events  after spending almost 15 years in the world of luxury hotels.

During all these years, I had the chance to travel and work  in the 4 corners of the world, meet exceptional people, discover magical places and share a lot of emotions  and I don't intend to stop there.  


My  last adventure in the hotel world happened in Geneva,  Switzerland where  I learned " No request is too great and no  retail  is too small  ". This experience made me want to apply everything I learned in the organization and fly on my own. However, we do not improvise Wedding Planner overnight.  I packed my bags and  left  in the south of France follow a 3-month certified training at the Ecole Jaelys  in Aix-en-Provence, France. During this training, in addition to having met  a  person who is dear to me, I fell in love with the region and here I am 3 months later in La Ciotat. Magnificent  city on the Mediterranean coast between Marseille and Toulon.

As a true epicurean, I appreciate above all the small pleasures of life, the harmony, the smiles and the tears of joy.  

To be able to take advantage of  each  moment that is offered to us and where nothing is left  randomly is part of my daily life.

  And here I am  ready to  meet you, listen to your beautiful story and above all to  accompany you for several days, months, even years with  a touch of madness so that your event is authentic and such  than you imagined!


I 'm not right here  to be your wedding planner but also a friend you can count on before, during and after your event.  


A meeting will be enough to know if you and I will be ready to go a long way together in this great adventure.


Let the magic happen and it's up to you to write the rest 


Be original

Be unique

Be authentic

Be together

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